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Guitar Percussion Keyboard Brass & Woodwind String Instrument Straps & Acc. Effect
BEG20-202 > Guitar

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Busker Guitar bag - Wine

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Type (Guitar Only)
Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar Bass Guitar
Semi Hallow Guitar Semi Hallow Guitar
Acoustic D Body Acoustic D Body
Acoustic OM Body Acoustic OM Body

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Busker Guitar bag - Wine

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Busker Guitar bag 
Product Code.
Original Series- Main black fabric+ Red(101)/Blue(102)/Orange(103) piping options
BEG20-101/102/103  Electric guitar bag,20mm padding, Red/blue/Orange finish 
BBG20-101/102/103  Bass guitar bag,20mm padding, Red/Blue/Orange finish
BSH20-101/102/103  Semi-hollow guitar bag, 20mm padding, Red/Blue/Orange
BAD20-101/102/103  Dreadnought guitar, 20mm padding, Red/Blue/Orange
BAM20-101/102/103  OM body acoustic bag, 20mm padding, Red/Blue/Orange
Color Series- Wine Red(201), Hot Pink(202) & Navy Blue(203) 3 colors
BEG20-201/202/203 Electric guitar bag,20mm padding, Navy/Wine/Hot pink 
BBG20-201/202/203  Bass guitar bag,20mm padding, Navy/Wine/Hot Pink
BSH20-201/202/203 Semi-hollow guitar bag, 20mm padding, Navy/Wine/Hot pink
BAD20-201/202/203  Dreadnought guitar, 20mm padding, Navy/Wine/Hot pink
BAM20-201/202/203 OM body acoustic,20mm padding, Navy/Wine/Hot pink
Designer Series- Chess(501)
BEG20-501 Electric guitar bag, 20mm padding, Chess
BBG20-501 Bass guitar bag,20mm padding, Chess
BSH20-501 Semi-hollow bag, 20mm padding, Chess
BAD20-501 Dreadnought guitar bag,20mm padding, Chess
BAM20-501 OM body acoustic bag,20mm padding, Chess
Designer Series- Target Beige(502) & Target Baby Pink(503), 2 finish
BEG20-502/503 Electric guitar bag, 20mm padding, Target design
BBG20-502/503 Bass guitar bag,20mm padding, Target design 
BSH20-502/503 Semi-hollow bag, 20mm padding, Target design
BAD20-502/503 Dreadnought guitar bag,20mm padding, Target
BAM20-502/503 OM body acoustic bag,20mm padding, Target
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