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Guitar Percussion Keyboard Brass & Woodwind String Instrument Straps & Acc. Effect
Guitar case was the first item of “Attitude”.
Now we have diverse product ranges but we always keep to the original intention no matter what we do because this is our origin.
Please have a look at our Busker and Studio guitar gig bags,you can feel how passionate we are.

Cases with attitude
It is more than our pleasure to present other instruments cases such as Keyboard and Drum. Not only special and unique design beloved by many musicians, but also great quality mentioned.
Please keep your eye on our future products by protecting your instrument with attitude.

E-PLUS Hardcase
E-PLUS Hardcase is newly developed for Brass&Woodwind instrument with better protection.
Specially constructed forming mold covered with the soft touched fabric secures the instrument from dmages.
You may say the bag design is very basic but it has everything you need and you will never get bored with our various color choices. Our purchasing price will be competitive with the simpler design but we guarantee the great quality of the cases.

Premium Hardcase
If you are looking for the superior-quality hardcases for Brass&Woodwind Instrument, your journey finally ends with our Premium Hardcase.
Water resistant, ballistic nylon exterior will give you the satisfactions in both features and textures as the jacquard fabric has classy and elegant mood as well. Of course, very detailed mold system safely protects the instrument with exact spacing plans.
Both cross bag and Backpack style are available, do not forget to check multifunctional accessory pockets for your personal items.

Softcases for Orchestral instruments
Lightweight cases than hardcases, but we are certainly sure it still protects instruments very well.
You can use our bags to store and carry your instrument without any concerns because high-density foam adding inserted into the gig bags.
Also, the extra pockets for accessories or other belongings are large enough so you can keep many things in a bag. More than 20types of the bags have been proudly designed with attitude, there are always various color options wait for your choice.
We are only too happy to provide our products to you!

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