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Guitar Percussion Keyboard Brass & Woodwind String Instrument Straps & Acc. Effect
OEM Business Program
If you are looking for a case factory can make your cases perfectly, your tour can be ended up here. 
We have a perfect solution for your OEM cases and bags.  We are a leading company in bag industry, serving customers through our total commitment to quality and customer's satisfaction.
We don't operate a factory produces only the guitar cases and gig bags, but a total solution factory produces all kinds of musical instrument cases, such as Guitar, Bass, String instrument, Percussion, Wind instrument, Keyboard and so on with great quality. We have already developed more than 500 different style bags ready to be spplied to our customers. Not only musical instruments cases but also other different areas such as IT, medical devices and astral devices etc. have been developed as well.
The factory is placed in Qingdao, China and supplys great quality products with very competitive prices. 
If you do not have your own designed cases, you might simply check our case products we have and choose some of them. You are allowed to change some features and specs for your own models.
We have a very effective system and we can do discuss and check all details within a few days. The only thing you do is to call or email to us and tell us whatever you need.
If you are a manufacturer producing musical instruments and need cases for your own products, we can also develop the cases and bags. 
Please just provide us the design, drawing or actual musical instruments of the cases you want.  We guarantee to make the 1st prototype sample within couple of weeks from your request.  You may simply check some points from the 1st sample and we do make the 2nd sample if you need to change something for your final approval.  All of these procedures could be done within 1 month at the latest.
If you are looking for some products for you, please do not hesitate to contact us right now. 
Please contact us via email indie@indieco.co.kr / bliss@indieco.co.kr to start to make a great success.

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